The Best Mushrooms to Eat for Your Health


We’ve always been told that we are what we eat, but as researchers catch up to that sentiment, we’re finding it’s more accurate than we previously thought. Food is medicine for the body that keeps it primed and healthy by delivering it essential nutrients. If we’re eating right, we’re preventing a lot of potential problems down the road.

Some of the best foods to eat for your health are mushrooms. Moreover, don't worry, if you aren't a huge fan of mushrooms, you can purchase them in capsule form and take them alongside your daily vitamins. You can still get the amazing benefits of these foods, without having to taste them.

In fact, adding just about any type of mushroom to your diet is terrific for your health, though some of them are particularly amazing. Care to try? Look for these!


Renowned for health in Asian cultures for thousands of years, it is symbolic of well-being and longevity. Back then, only the Royals got to eat these. Nowadays, their immunity-boosting powers have been confirmed. They’re antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral. They are also classified as an adaptogen, supporting the body in bringing it to it's natural state of balance. Stew them in tea or add them to soups for your boost. You can even grill them if you soak them overnight.


The Japanese are big on eating for good health which is why you’ll see shiitake mushrooms in many dishes. They’re full of vitamin D and are incredibly versatile to cook with. You can add them to just about anything, so get creative.


Oyster mushrooms are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They also have been shown to lower cholesterol. Making a tea out of them is a great way to indulge in their healing benefits.


A bit similar in taste to portobello mushrooms, these notorious inflammation fighters are ideal for promoting better overall wellness. Chronic inflammation has been linked to every disease, which is why keeping inflammation at bay is so essential for your longevity. Eat them raw or grilled, sauté, or roast them. They taste great!

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These are the ones you most often see in your produce section, and the good news is that they’re as outstanding a choice as the other mushrooms on this list. Hunters and gatherers used to feast upon them, believing they had magical powers. Even the Egyptians thought they could make them immortal which is why the pharaohs hoarded them to themselves. These days they’re easy to get, so use them in your salads, cook them in your favorite dishes, and get them on your plate any way you can.


Keep blood pressure and blood sugar under control with this master mushroom. They’re known for their incredible cleansing powers and can help with destroying abnormal cells. Chop them into smaller pieces and use them in your cooking to protect your health and boost your immune system.

Mushrooms can do so much for your health. Reishi was one of the first remedies my son was given when he was diagnosed with Leaky Gut and his immune system was on overload. Learn to love them to reap the many benefits that come with making them a staple in your diet. So again, if you're not a fan of mushrooms, check out your local Health Food Store and stroll down the vitamin aisle. You'll find some encapsulated mushroom blends there that you can start with. Enjoy!

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