Grounding Foods to Eat, Getting You into the Fall Groove


Fall is rapidly approaching, and so begins the whirlwind of a busy summer

winding down and readjusting for the upcoming slower season. Fall means

it’s time to get back to school and for parents, get back to life without the kids

underfoot. Believe it or not, eating the right grounding foods will help you

make the shift for the next season and keep your healthy goals on track, too.

Since ancient times, the Chinese have believed that all foods have different

energies that benefit your body in specific ways. Forget about calories and

vitamins for a minute, this goes way deeper. This energy is responsible for

affecting things like your mood, your level of energy, your awareness, and

your health.

Using this principle of grounding foods, you can get your mind and body into

prime health, restore balance and feel like you’re on the right track. So which

foods are good grounding foods for fall?

Root vegetables

Any veggie that has roots that stretch down into the ground is ideal for

grounding. Think carrots, beets, radishes, turnips, garlic, and ginger. The

belief here is by adding these to your diet, you’ll feel more rooted in your life

and more ready for the fall. Additionally, sweet potatoes and yams are an

ideal grounding food for the season. They can really help you kick those

sugar cravings to the curb since they naturally satisfy the desire for sweets, as

well. All of these vegetables will help your body prepare for cooler

temperatures to come.

Go for the proteins

Focusing on protein helps to ground you, as well. Healthy protein-packed

foods help keep your blood sugar on an even keel. Plant-based proteins

deserve their own slot because more and more people are turning to them to

cleanse and feel more grounded year-round.

However, as fall approaches, eating more plant-based proteins will be even

more beneficial. Think nuts, seeds, and lentils. In particular, pumpkin seeds

are superb for this season. They help you balance your body and mind and

give you healthy energy to get through the day.

Eating well at any time of year is always a good idea, but eating right to serve

the season can really help you harness your full potential.

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