Foods that Trigger Inflammation


You've likely heard a lot about inflammation, but do you understand what kinds of foods cause it, and what effects it has on the body?

Inflammation is your body's response to invaders, and it shows that your body's white blood cells are working hard to fight for you. For example, when it comes to arthritis, your immune system is trying to fight off invaders that don’t really exist. As a result, your body starts to attack itself, and the inflammation ensues.

Inflammation can be caused by a variety of factors, such as an insect bite or an autoimmune disorder. However, it can also be caused by the foods that you eat, and eating these foods regularly can have some poor outcomes in your body.

So, what are these effects?

Foods can be a trigger for inflammation, which is the worst kind, as it often has to deal with your blood vessels. When blood vessels become inflamed continuously, this can cause damage to the vessels, which is then used by the fats in your bloodstream as a means to accumulate. This fat, otherwise known as LDL Cholesterol, simply grows more and more over time, and as years pass by, can cause a blockage in your

arteries. This is something we absolutely want to avoid.

So, knowing that food-caused inflammation is something we should seek

to avoid -- what foods cause it, and which can help combat it?

Deep down, I am sure we all kind of know which foods cause inflammation. For instance, foods such as French Fries, Soda, Red Meat, Processed Meat, Junk Foods, Refined Carbohydrates like White Breads, White Pastas, Desserts, etc. These are foods that are overly processed, and we are keenly aware that we should keep off of our plates anyway.

The same can be said for foods that fight inflammation. Load up on these healthy foods that help you combat inflammation and keep your body running smoothly:

These include:


Leafy Greens





Do you see a trend yet? Healthy, plant-based whole foods will help to reduce and even combat inflammation. Meanwhile, overly processed, high-fat junk foods will cause your inflammation to flare up. So to help reduce the symptoms and lower your risk for health issues, you are going to want to eat a lot more whole plant-based foods.

What causes inflammation for you? Is there something you eat that you noticeably feel bloated, achey, and generally unwell after?

For me, inflammation comes on after I eat burgers from a restaurant. With all the sauce and side of fries to soak up the leftover juice on the plate. Oh boy, that fills my belly with a whole lot of unpleasantness!

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