Does that Bloating and Constipation got you Feeling Down, are you Looking for Natural Relief?


It’s a subject no one likes to talk about, but we’re going there!

Believe it or not, constipation is a very common problem for many people. Suffering from it can be a result of what you’re eating (or not eating), lifestyle choices,

medications for other ailments, or even medical conditions. We've all dealt with it at some point or another, but dealing with it regularly can really be a burden -- and a burden you don't have to deal with.

Making sure you focus on these tips to keep your digestive system running

smoothly is quite simple to do -- here are some very easy things to do to

avoid the bloat and pain of irregularity.

1. Drink that water

One of the biggest reasons people become constipated is because they’re not

drinking enough water. Staying hydrated is paramount to keeping things

moving. If you're not a big water drinker, start focusing on easing up to

drinking half of your body weight in ounces each day. An amazing digestive hack is drinking lemon juice in a cup of warm water first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything else. This literally flushes your body from it's fast overnight, and gets your digestive tract ready to start the day.

2. Feast on fiber

We generally don't get enough fiber in our diet. You should be eating a

balanced diet that has foods that are naturally rich in fiber --think veggies,

fruits, nuts, and whole grains.

3. Walk it off

Studies have shown the more we move, the more our digestive tract does its

job. Try fitting in a walk each day and see how things change with your


4. Eat probiotic foods

So much has been learned about gut health over the last few years. Those that

suffer from constipation regularly usually have an imbalance of the good gut

bacteria in their gut. Probiotics can make a huge difference in your digestion,

so eat foods with that good, live bacteria in them, and that should help restore

balance. Fermented foods like kimchi or pickles, are some examples of naturally probiotic foods you can easily fit into your meals.

5. Eat prebiotic foods too

No, they're not the same as probiotic foods! These foods make it possible for

probiotics to assist you. They feed that good bacteria in your gut and help

them stay happy. Things like bananas, onions, and garlic are prebiotics, so

start eating more of them, as well.

6. Try prunes

Prune juice gets a bad wrap, but give it a shot. Prunes are one of the most

well-known natural laxatives, and undoubtedly your grandmother tried to

come to your aid as a child with a sip of prune juice. It's worked for

generations, so it must be trustworthy! (HOWEVER!!! Those with IBS, steer clear of


7. Use essential oils

Take one to two drops each of fennel, peppermint and ginger oils in a spoonful of honey or applesauce just before meals. Peppermint can ease symptoms of IBS, including constipation. Fennel soothes the digestive tract and reduces stress, which can support the colon. Ginger relaxes the smooth muscles in the gut lining and helps food move along.

I know it's embarrassing to talk about sometimes, but healthy digestion is

vastly important to your overall health, and it's something we need to start talking

about. If you're not having a bowel movement daily, it's time to start

focusing on some ways to change that. Best of luck!

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