Cleansing... So Out of My Comfort Zone... she said.


A friend told me the other day that cleansing is so outta her comfort zone. How many of you can relate? I know I sure can!

Yes, Me, a Health Coach.

It still makes me uncomfortable to be told what to eat and what not to eat. I do actually get it!

So… Why cleanse you might be wondering???

Imagine if you lived in a very small space. What would it be like if you could only remove 20% of the trash you brought in? What would it feel like to be in that space after a week? What about a month? Now imagine a year! How does it feel to be in that space now? This is how your cells feel when they cannot release waste.

Detoxing your cells improves your ability to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. It also stabilizes and improves your energy. When your body cannot eliminate waste properly it becomes acidic and toxic. When it becomes acidic and toxic, your blood and your cells slow down. When this happens, your body starts to slow down and break down. To achieve health, radiance, energy, balance, and permanent weight loss, it is helpful to understand the underlying causes of diseases and obesity, which are toxins and inflammation.

What make us toxic?

Certain foods, our environment, and even our lifestyle make us toxic. The simple truth is, we are surrounded by toxins. In fact, we are exposed to more environmental toxins in one day than our grandparents were in an entire lifetime. Environmental chemicals in solvents, plastics, and adhesives; poisons in makeup, moisturizers, nail polish, hair dyes, and shampoos; pesticides, herbicides, parasites in soil, food, and water; ingestible chemicals in junk and processed foods; the toxins released by our bodies when under consistent stress; and even the toxic thoughts and words we may subject ourselves to on a daily basis all contribute to an ever-increasing lack of radiance and energy.

What creates inflammation?

Sugar, lack of exercise, toxins, food allergies, and food sensitivities all cause inflammation. Inflammation causes weight gain and prevents weight loss. It’s a vicious cycle – being inflamed makes you fat and being fat makes you inflamed.

Problems that can result from toxic overload and inflammation:

· Bad breath

· Bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea

· Canker sores

· Difficulty concentrating

· Excess weight or difficulty losing weight

· Fatigue

· Fluid retention

· Food cravings

· Headaches

· Heartburn

· Joint pain

· Muscle aches

· Puffy eyes and dark circles

· Postnasal drip

· Sinus congestion

· Skin rashes and acne

· Sleep problems

· Toxins can also block thyroid function, impair female hormones, and may account for depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

On the Plus side... a cleanse brings balance to your body and improves your digestive system, enabling you to be more successful with future health goals. Cleansing or detoxifying by itself, however, is not the solution. Getting rid of the toxins and minimizing exposure to new toxins must always be balanced with replenishing the body’s vitamin, mineral, and macronutrient reserves. When we simply cleanse without rebuilding, it is like removing the old oil from your car without replenishing it with new oil. Your body will be running on empty! How to we rebuild? With healthful foods of course!

Potential detoxification benefits:

· Increased energy

· Mental clarity· Improved digestion

· Allergy relief

· Weight loss

· Hormonal balance

· Radiant skin

· Improved physical appearance

· Longevity and disease prevention

· Relief from minor health conditions

· Clarity in life path and goals

· Tissue regeneration

· Increased general well-being

· Personal confidence and empowerment

There are thousands of different dietary recommendations and philosophies, and new ones come up every day. The very best way to figure out your personalized diet is to begin to pay attention to how you feel as you explore different ways of eating and being. In the process of cleansing, you begin to recognize which foods may not be serving you, despite what you have read or been told.

One incredible benefit to cleansing is the awareness gained about how different foods make you feel physically, emotionally, and energetically.Your taste buds begin to change and you begin to understand how your body is responding to the foods you are consuming. This gives you more control of reactions that you were not aware were actually caused by foods.

If the wheels are turning and you are ready to release what is no longer serving you… I would absolutely love for you to join me in my upcoming ReNEW~7 Day Cleanse… you can find the deets in this link;

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