6 Best Phone Apps to Help You Keep Your Healthy New Year Resolution

Updated: Feb 12, 2019


Our phones are such an integral part of our daily lives that using it to our advantage is incredibly wise and valuable.

Smartphones often get a bad reputation for being a tool for distraction and disconnection, but let's make your smartphone work for you to help you keep those healthy New Year resolutions! There are a ton of apps that can help you bring out the best in your body and mind -- and here are 6 that you might love.

1. MyFitnessPal

This app for good health has a calorie counter and diet tracker that can help you stay on track. It makes it easy to keep an eye on what you’ve been eating, and unlike other nutrition apps, it doesn’t push you toward any specific type

of diet. Instead, it helps you set your own targets to see if you’ve met them. I love the flexibility because not everyone is going no-carb or no-fat, or following specific types of diets. You can make it work for any healthy eating goal, which makes it great for anyone to use.

2. Noisli

Getting sleep is so necessary to your health. Without proper rest, all the healthy eating and exercise you do won’t have as much an impact. If your goal is to take care of your sleep problems, try this app which features pleasant ambient sounds to soothe you to sleep. You can also use it when reading to help you concentrate.

3. Headspace

Meditation is a difficult one for many people to get into, but once you do, the benefits are astounding from head to toe. For those of you that aren’t sure you’re doing it right or need help building the habit, go with Headspace. It

gets you to meditate each day without getting on your nerves, and helps ease you into the practice with benefits from day one.

4. Sworkit

Trying to get into a good workout habit? Sworkit can do it. It’s easy to use and helps you develop great workout habits. With this one, you’ll easily be able to meet your goals and stay on the path to getting fit. The gyms are

packed this time of year, so use this app to fit in your workout at home and save yourself tons of time and commuting.

7. Habitbull

I’ve recommended several apps here that are good for keeping goals, but are also versatile since our needs are different. There are some good habits that everyone could do well with, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. But this Habitbull app is more generic in that it helps you incorporate all those healthy behaviors for a well-rounded life. Plus, it makes it a bit of a game. You’ll have to complete them to earn digital incentives, and it gives you a

nice analytical rundown on your efforts.

Now you have a healthy reason to look at your phone more. Get these apps and get busy with making 2019 your best year!

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