5 Reasons Your Weight’s Not Budging Even When You’re Trying


Even when you think you’re doing everything “right” — you could still be

doing something that’s sabotaging your goals. With the slew of “diets” out

there that leave us entirely confused, it can be hard to discern what the correct

steps to take are to actually reach your health goals. I totally get it, it’s a

difficult road to be on.

Start by taking an honest look at your habits, and digging a little deeper with

these 5 reasons your scale might not be budging.

1. You’re not sleeping enough

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it: you need sleep! If you don’t get

enough sleep, you’re more prone to feeling hungry when you’re not and more

likely to choose fattier options instead of more healthy ones when it’s time to

eat. Even worse, lack of sleep affects how much cortisol your body produces

which can contribute to weight fluctuations.

2. You have zero chill

Your stress level directly correlates with weight gain. Just like not getting

enough sleep, it produces more cortisol which will keep the scale from going

down like you’re hoping for. You’ve got to learn to manage your stress by

using relaxation techniques. Try meditating or take 5 at your desk and do

some simple yoga poses. Developing a good habit for handling stress will

take some time to make it stick, but you’ll find once you manage stress, the

scale will be tipping in your favor.

3. You’re eating more than you should

Are you portioning out your food? A substantial portion of the population

overeats and an alarming number don't even realize the portions they're

eating are considered "overeating" sized portions. What’s more, even if

you’re using something healthy like olive oil, it has 120 calories per

tablespoon which really adds up if you just dump it into your skillet or pour

heavy onto your salad. Measure things out, and you’ll be getting just the right


4. You’re not challenging your body

But I’m exercising, you might protest. Indeed, getting moving and being

active is a crucial part of losing weight. However, you’ve got to challenge

your body. You can’t expect to keep blasting off fat if you’re doing the same

workout every single day. Switch things up, and you’ll see results. Don’t be

afraid of lifting weights either. Building up your muscles helps you burn off

more, even when you’re at rest!

5. You overindulge on the weekend

Be mindful of your indulgences and don’t skip your workout on the weekend

either, or at the very least, plan an activity that keeps you moving. There’s no

reason you can’t have a good time but balance is the best way to prevent

your weekend from wrecking your weight loss.

Be honest...are you guilty of these things? It’s not too late to make a change.

Work on these areas now and you’ll be in much better shape even during the

hectic holidays coming up in winter!

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