Healthy Swaps

Starting your journey into a low-tox lifestyle doesn't have to cost you the bank or take hours of effort! Our time is one of our most precious commodities, and we all want to keep our money in our OWN pockets, I got ya covered girlfriend!  Here are a few DIY recipes to start getting you back to nature, and giving your health some good old fashioned TLC!!!

Cleaning Equipment
Your "Anti's" Cleaner
... Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-septic
Toss your store bought all purpose cleaner full of chemicals playing havoc with your hormones... and try this one!
1/4 cup white vinegar
1 3/4 cup *distilled* water
Any of these combinations of essential oils;
15 drops each of Lemon and Lavender or
10 drops each of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Wild Orange or
4 drops Clove, 8 drops Grapefruit, 4 drops Eucalyptus, 4 drops Rosemary,
4 drops Cinnamon
Add all ingredients to a 16oz spray bottle, shake, spray and wipe with a soft cloth... and watch out... you just might even be find yourself doing a little dance because citrus oils are naturally uplifting... WOOP WOOP!!!
Tropical Green Delight
Give your morning bagel a day off and try this refreshing start to your day.
Add two cups coconut milk (or nut milk of your choice) to your Vitamix/blender
Add in;
one teaspoon chia seeds and one teaspoon hemp seeds
A handful of spinach and a celery stalk (keep the ends, these don't go to waste when you blend them!!!)
Half cup frozen pineapple and 1/4 cup frozen peaches
One drop of Lemon or Wild Orange essential oil if you have them on hand 
Optional; add in a scoop of delicious Juice Plus Vanilla Complete for extra servings of fruit and veggies without even tasting them!
Blend until creamy smooth, pour and enjoy the sweet taste of tropics to start your day... no more excuses to miss breakfast when you can take this one on the road!!
Fruit Shakes
Rescue Puppy
Phew! What's that Smell Spritzer
Toss the toxic candles and the plug in air fresheners!
3/4 cup distilled water
optional: 2 tbsp vodka, rubbing alcohol or vanilla extract
Any favourite combo you love, these are just some suggestions;
6 drops Wild Orange, 6 drops Grapefruit, 3 drops Cassia, 
6 drops Tangerine, 5 drops Lime, 4 drops Spearmint
6 drops Wild Orange, 6 drops Eucalyptus, 3 drops Peppermint 
(If it's your fur baby who stinks... avoid birch, clove, oregano, tea tree (melaleuca), thyme or wintergreen essential oils)
Add to a 8 oz spritzer bottle and store next to the potty, in a shoe closet, divide up and take one in your purse to use in public bathrooms or on a stinky car ride... shake and spray into the air to deodorize :)
And then feel safe to take a nice long breath:)