Essentials Oils are truly Gifts of the Earth.

With today's quick fix society full of processed foods and chemicals in all of our everyday products, our bodies are screaming out for HELP with rashes, digestive issues, respiratory problems, lack of energy and focus and a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Essential Oils get us back to nature supporting and enhancing our overall health and wellness.

My first experience with essential oils was at my daughters volleyball game. If you have ever watched a lot of volleyball you know your neck can crank from left to right and there are a ton of whistles blowing, a lot of whistles... my neck and shoulders were knotted right up. Another mom whipped out a sample of Deep Blue Rub and I was lucky enough to have my hubby right there to rub it in. 

It was CRAZY AMAZING how fast I felt relief... and I immediately needed to know more about these oils!!!

Essential  Oils Are...


Volatile aromatic compounds found in the bark, stems, leaves, seeds, roots, flowers and other parts of a plant.


50 - 70 times more potent than herbs. 


Less is more when using 100% pure and tested grade essential oils. One or two drops at a time is all you need.

I purchased an essential oil kit, went to some classes and started my journey into incorporating them into my daily wellness routine. They began replacing the different bottles in my medicine cabinet and the kids learned quickly which oils helped with their sleep, focus, upset stomachs, acne

and everyday issues.

There are an abundance of essential oil brands in the market today. My family chooses to use Certified Pure Tested Grade oils, that are third party tested and free of any fillers or contaminants.


Whether we are diffusing them, applying them topically or taking them internally, essential oils have made themselves a natural part of our everyday lives.

With so many non-toxic solutions that essential oils provide, it can be overwhelming to try and figure out where to start on your own, and how to use them regularly to take advantage of all their benefits.


This is where I can support you!

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