Lighten your toxic burden by cleansing that amazing body of yours from all the chemicals weighing it down, and replacing them with simple low-tox solutions and

whole food nutrition. 

Our gifts fromMother Nature! 

Why am I so addicted to you?

Just like the rebel boyfriend from high school mom and dad didn't want me dating...

I just can't seem to get enough of you!!!

Let's dive in to where sugar is hiding in your daily diet so you can stop judging yourself for lack of self-control, and start EMPOWERING yourself at the grocery store making educated choices!

Sugar, Sweeeeeet Sugar!!!

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Can You Relate To Any Of These?

  • Do you want to boost your daughters confidence by helping her gain control of her acne, blemishes or embarrassing rashes? 

  • Do you want your son to breathe easier as he tries out for his favourite sports team, reduce his allergy and asthma symptoms and give the coach a top notch performance?

  • How about reducing the amount of your kids late or school absences because they are complaining about their stomachs hurting after eating their morning cereal, or bagel and cream cheese for breakfast. Either they can't go to the bathroom or they go too often?

  • Do you know someone who could benefit from more energy, focus and mental clarity? Or long lasting relief from joint pain and muscle soreness? 

  • Are you begging for a better nights sleep and a sense of peace in your crazy busy life? Are your hormones out of whack and you feel like you are going a little crazy lately?

Any of these everyday challenges could be a result of what I passionately call the


From the amount of unregulated chemicals in the food we enjoy, the body products we lather on our skin and in our hair daily, and the household cleaning supplies we use to clean our homes regularly.

These all can trigger skin issues, digestive and respiratory problems, lack of energy and focus, stress and anxiety, and ultimately inflammation throughout our bodies.

Enough being a Debbie Downer though!!!


Karen's Pure Balance provides the guidance you need to achieve your health goals, by cleansing your bodies and your homes of their current state of toxic overload, and offering simple, low-tox solutions. 

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Let's do this TOGETHER, I cannot wait to share in your success!


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"My niece has had stomach issues ever since she was little. Doctors and homeopathic medicines have not been able to help as of yet. What has helped her deal with her pain is the digestive aids Karen has suggested to us. The digestive rollerball really helps take the edge off for her!

Karen really cares about helping others live healthy lives!"